Monday, May 20, 2013

Iara Blue

Baby Girl, you were born smiling - that's just the kind of girl you are.

5 days old

You have brought sweetness & joy.  You rejoice, truly, in life.  Everything is cause for giggles & you make your brother laugh & laugh.

But you are not a shrinking violet - you let me (and the world) know, in no uncertain terms, when you need something.

And, my Iara Blue, you are beautiful.  Gorgeous, really.  So much so that I am in awe that you came from me.

Your brightness stuns me in the best possible way(s).

Girl, I love you.  So very much.

And, your brother - oh man - he LOVES you.  And you ADORE him.  I catch you, all the time, just gazing at him, in awe.  You watch everything he does.  You take it in.  You are learning from the best...

Some days, when I doubt myself & my worthiness in having brought you into this world - I remember: you get him for a big brother.  For always.

And we get you - the sweetest of the sweet.  Our baby pterodactyl, or ostrich, or whatever makes those funny sounds you make.

And your Daddy, well, the only thing he's not confused about is loving you.  I think it scares him, actually:  how much he loves you...

Thank you for choosing us, Baby Sister.  For gracing us.


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  1. I don't have a very scintillating comment, but I'm just so happy that you are getting to experience the deep satisfaction of mothering. It's been my favorite thing, and it brings it all back in such a nice way when I see your posts. thank you so much for your offering.