Monday, May 20, 2013



My firstborn, my love, the one who made me a Mama.

What can I even say to you, for you, about you.

You amaze me.  You astound me.  You humble me.  You. Are. A. Force.  A force of nature.

You are so ALIVE.  And so beautiful, you take my breath away.

Today you are four.  FOUR!

Four seems like such a leap from three.

Three was still little; almost still a toddler & four - well, four is KID.

You run SO fast & jump SO high.

You choose your clothes & dress yourself.  You like to play a game where I say I don't think you can get your clothes on by yourself & then you do.  You never tire of this game.

You are climbing trees & on top of the play structure.  You like to scare you Mama.

You are wicked-fast on your skuut & today me & Daddy gave you your first pedal bike.  You & Daddy practiced all day today, and even though it was hard & you got frustrated, you kept wanting to try.

Your love is HUGE & your heart is so tender.  You care very much.

The other day you yelled at Angel, when she stepped on a Roley-Poley bug:  "That's not OK! Roley-Poley's are our friends!!!"  Although at the time I asked you to use a softer voice & not yell in her face, I actually felt really proud of you for standing up for something you care(d) about in a righteous way.

I can tell your path may not always be easy, but it will always be yours.  The strength of your conviction is strong - and that is a gift.

You wear dresses & you fight with swords.

You love unicorns & you turn everything into a gun. (which drives your Mama crazy!)

You love basketball & you're actually really good at it!

You memory is amazing - crazy-sharp!

You are my absolute greatest teacher & I bow to you every day.

There is no greater privilege in my life.

I love you, Trent Carlo - as big as the ocean & all the creatures in it, with none missing.


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