Friday, June 25, 2010

This morning...

...I thought I was going to go *crazy*!

Please, baby, please:  just sleep for a few more minutes!
Please, baby, please:  stop kicking me in the gut!
Please, baby, please:  eat one more bite of eggs!

(stop crying for one minute, sit still, take your medicine, and (for G-d's sake!) go back to sleep!!!!)

And, the house is in complete chaos, the dishes need to be done, there are books & toys *everywhere*, I'm still hungry, I'm tired, I don't want to sleep, we are getting a new street & the noise & the smells are awful...  I could go on.


::10 Things I am Actually Grateful for Right Now::

1.  The baby is sleeping
2.  The baby is sleeping
3.  The baby is still sleeping
4.  The cup of blackberry/sage tea I am brewing for myself (with milk & honey)
5.  Stone fruit season is here
6.  An afternoon off last Tuesday (went to see Iron Man 2.  Brilliant.)
7.  Yarn (and knitting)
8.  All the Beautiful Blogging Mommas out there (so I know I am not alone)
9.  Creativity (mine & others - even when I judge myself for not doing enough, I am glad someone is)
10.  Hot water (I'm going to take a shower now)

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