Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Favorite Baby Stuff

This is a list I wrote for some newly pregnant friends when Trent was about 6-8 weeks old.  I've updated it some, but thought I would basically just copy & paste here for posterity...
Plus, it really is all stuff I used ALL the time when he was tiny.
Each mom figures out what she needs as her Bun gets older, but it's so nice to have some guidance at the beginning...

Things We Loved & Used ALL the Time 
  • The William & Martha Sears 'Baby Book’ – it’s my new bible. (current note:  I *still* use this book.  Like right before Trent's first birthday when he got pink eye & just last week when he had a fever of 101.8.  SO helpful & non-over-reactive)
  • Weleda products – especially the calendula oil (I’m using it as diaper cream & also rubbing it all over Trent’s body every opportunity I get.  He loves it.).  Their diaper cream is also good.  (current note:  I still use their cream bath wash & have never used any other kind of soap on Trent)
  •  Lansinoh diaper cream – This is my go-to when Trent actually has a rash - it clears it up in no time flat.
  • Ring Sling:  really, really, really great for when your baby is still little – ever since I learned how to use it, I carry Trent everywhere & still have my hands free.  I can even nurse with him in it.  Having a friend show me how to use this sling *changed my life*.  I love it.
  • A good rocking chair – probably a glider:  we found one used on CL & setting it up so I can look out the window & rock/nurse Trent has changed my life. (you will spend a lot of time wherever you set up to nurse, so make it good)
  • Cocynthal (sp?):  ‘Colic’/gassy baby liquid homeopathic remedy.  Really works - Trent would be crying & crying & we would give him a shot of this stuff & a minute later he would poop or fart & calm down. (current note:  I still occasionally use this when Trent's got really bad gas.  Still works!)
  • Changing table:  not something I ever would have invested in, but has become one of the places Trent & I have the most fun together.  Whether you get a ‘real’ changing table or not, just make sure you set up a station in a way & place that you’ll be happy spending lots of time.  (I think having a heater as part of the changing station is one of the things that makes Trent so happy there.)
  • Tiny Tots Diaper Service – I’m a huge cloth diaper advocate (happy to give anyone a demo or five, if you’re on the fence & just intimidated.  It’s really easy once you get the hang of it!) – and this service is great.  Awesome customer service too.
  • A bouncing/vibrating chair:  again, not something I thought we needed (or even wanted), but has become invaluable… (we removed the bar across the top that usually has a ton of horrid, bright, plastic shit that lights up & makes noise.  Who needs the overstimulation?  Trent just liked the vibration...)
  • I love this site for buying diaper covers (of course, getting hand-me-dows is the BEST!).  I like having a variety:  some cotton, some wool, some polyester – good for different times…
  • A water-proof pad (or three, to have a nice rotation) to sleep on:  we’re sleep-sharing with Trent & my milk supply is so high, he & I are all wet by morning.  The pad keeps us from having to wash the sheets every day.
  • You really can’t have too many baby blankets – all different weights, fabrics, sizes – you’ll use them for all kinds of things – trust me.
  • Lansinoh brand nipple cream – works like a charm
  • Lansinoh brand nursing/breast pads – the best I’ve found…(you’ll want to have these & at least one nursing bra before you go into labor, so you’ll have them right away.
  • Once my supply settled down & I found my rhythm, I started using  reusable breast pads.  I think Gerber makes nice ones & I found them at Target, of all places...
  • Glamourmom makes a great nursing tank (with built in bra).  I literally wear them every day.
  • Soothing music that you like to listen to – calms you down, calms baby down…  I’m partial to cello music.
  • Socks:  his feet get really cold!
  • I’m partial to the Avent brand manual breast pump.  I’m only pumping once/day, since I’m not going back to work anytime soon – so it works really well for me.  I know other women have appreciated the efficiency of the electric…  Also, glass bottles for storing expressed milk (and special freezer bags for freezing).  (current note:  One year later, and still working for me...)
  • A boppy or equivalent for nursing
  • Hylands teething tablets (homeopathic remedy)
  • I love our white noise maker at night (current note:  we still use this for every nap & at night.  I even take it when we travel!)
  • A night-light, or some way to have low light for night nursing
  • Monitor (ours sucks, so I don't have a good recommendation)
  • We LOVE out Phil & Ted's stroller, but we would totally have gotten a cheaper one if we weren't planning on having two kids (it has an awesome $40 add-on that turns it into a really easy double stroller).  (current note:  We didn't use the stroller until Trent was about 6 months old & now I use it ALL the time!)
  • I really like these bras for sleeping in.  You may not gush milk all the time, but if you do, you’ll be wanting a comfy bra to sleep in
  • (At 3.5 months) we have now started using the famous Ergo.  It's easy, comfortable & Trent likes it.  if you have the opportunity to try out some baby carriers (with a baby) before you have a baby – that’s the best, because it’s such a personal decision... (current note:  At 14 months & 27lbs, the Ergo is still pretty comfy, though better as a back carrier than a front carrier...)

Things we Did Not Need
  • Baby towels (we just use ours)
  • Baby bath (we just get in with him - it's super-fun & he has always LOVED the bath because of it)
  • A crib (someone loaned us a *beautiful* one & we just never used it...) 
  • Baby shampoo (I just washed Trent's hair for the first time a couple weeks ago - only because he threw up in it)
  • Half the newborn clothes - he just grew so fast!

At Six Months
  • The Johnny Jump-up is a HUGE hit & gives me some much needed time to do such glamorous things at:  cook breakfast!
  • For constipation (with solids):  the very BEST has been just mixing some high quality olive oil in withe veggie puree's, also the homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica


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